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The Enlightenment of AI Development Process of China and the US to Chinese University Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2023.005


Zhongguo Liu, Guoyong Ding, Bin He

Corresponding Author

Zhongguo Liu


By reviewing the development process of AI in China and the United States, it is found that China and the United States invest differently in AI, research and development, and application planning in different stages. The United States has gone through the accumulated resource accumulation stage of artificial intelligence and is entering the stage of maintaining its global leadership. China is down-to-earth, gradually developing and enriching all directions in the field of artificial intelligence. Through comparison, drawing on the development experience of Chinese and American countries, it is proposed that the development of AI education in Chinese universities should focus on the integration of ecology, highlighting three key points: first, optimize AI development policies and strategies, and mobilize all departments for the construction of the disciplines and courses; second, focus on the informatization and artificial intelligence; third, train college students and construct basic theoretical talents and "artificial intelligence + X" compound talents.


China, America, Artificial Intelligence, College, Education