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Research on the Application of Design Thinking in Interactive Design Teaching in Higher Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2023.004


Shiyu Tu

Corresponding Author

Shiyu Tu


Design Thinking is an innovative thinking to help solve complex problems, and also an educational method of thinking training, which is widely used in the field of higher education. At present, Chinese colleges and universities pay more attention to the training in interactive design courses and the single assessment of software learning and design presentation, and lack of thinking training and process assessment of design, which leads to students being limited to the original traditional thinking in the practice of interactive courses, lack of innovation, and lack of ability to solve practical social problems. In order to break through the traditional theoretical learning of interactive design courses in colleges and universities, this paper first introduces the basic concept and specific path model of design thinking, then analyzes the limitations of teaching mode and assessment in the current interactive design courses in colleges and universities, and optimizes the interactive design teaching scheme into four steps based on the basic model of design thinking: discovery, interpretation, conception and experiment, evolution, It is hoped that the innovative thinking ability and design practice level of contemporary college students can be improved, and the interactive design course can be really upgraded from theoretical teaching to practical ability training.


Higher Education, Design Thinking, Interactive Design, Art Design, Teaching Mode