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Scarlett's "Tomorrow Consciousness" and its Realistic Significance from the Perspective of Time Orientation

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2023.003


Peiying Yang

Corresponding Author

Peiying Yang


Scarlett is a main character in Gone With the Wind by American writer Margaret Mitchell. Through the description of Scarlett's survival experience, love entanglements and her mental course, her character traits of self-improvement and enterprise are shown by the novel. "Tomorrow consciousness" is one of Scarlett's important character traits, whose potential value originates from America's future time orientation. Based on the theory of time orientation, this paper interprets the rich content, profound value implication and practical significance of "tomorrow consciousness" from the three aspects of Scarlett's love experience, war experience and the psychology of equality between men and women.


Gone With the Wind, Scarlett, Tomorrow Consciousness, Time Orientation