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A brief discussion on the development of cyberspace regulation

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2023.050


Chengxiang Wen, Jiaoyi Wu

Corresponding Author

Jiaoyi Wu


This paper introduces the DDos attack in Ukraine in early 2022 and puts forward the need for international cooperation regulation of cybersecurity. The draft resolution on information security submitted by Russia at the United Nations General Assembly in 1998 introduced the development of an international rule of law framework in cyberspace led by the United Nations, and briefly analyzed the different attitudes of different countries towards cyberspace regulation. Next, the "gray field" of the current concept of international law in cyberspace is briefly introduced, the concept of sovereignty in cyberspace is briefly explained, and finally the further construction of the international legal law system in cyberspace is prospected in the twists and turns.


International law; cyberattacks; cyberspace regulation; DDOS attacks