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The Pattern Recognition Application Research in Image Processing

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DOI: 10.25236/iceeecs.2018.046


Ruijuan Du, Shilin Cui

Corresponding Author

Ruijuan Du


Digital image processing, also known as computer image processing, refers to the process of converting an image signal into a digital signal and processing it with a computer. The image is the main source of human acquisition and exchange of information. The application of image processing must involve all aspects of human life and work. With the continuous expansion of human activities, the application areas of image processing will also continue to expand. Image recognition based on pattern recognition has become the direction of image research in the field of image recognition with the development of computer and artificial intelligence technology. This paper first introduces the basic theory and basic methods of image pattern recognition, and then expounds the application of pattern recognition in image processing.


Pattern recognition, image processing, feature extraction, recognition method.