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The Model and Method of Art Education in Primary and Secondary Schools in the New Era of Aesthetic Education

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2023.040


Zehui Lu

Corresponding Author

Zehui Lu


In primary and secondary school art education, the appreciation of nature, society, and art works is the process of discovering and appreciating beauty, which can improve people's aesthetic level and taste. Aesthetic education is an important topic in the scientific research of primary and secondary education in the new era. How to integrate aesthetic education ideas into campus activities and achieve comprehensive and harmonious education. This article further analyzes the models and methods of art education in primary and secondary schools in the new era of aesthetic education. Give full play to the role of schools, families, and society, coordinate and integrate aesthetic education resources between schools and society, and clearly propose to further build a collaborative aesthetic education mechanism that integrates schools, families, and society based on the existing trinity of classroom teaching, extracurricular activities, and campus culture. The three should be interconnected and coordinated, and carry out good social aesthetic education. Integrate the excellent Western teaching concepts, art techniques, and excellent traditional Chinese culture that have been borrowed from; To be based on practice and constantly innovate in practice; Pay attention to the integration of new technologies, establish a fault-tolerant mechanism that encourages innovation, and focus innovation on teaching reform.


The New Era of Aesthetic Education; Primary and secondary schools; Art education mode; Educational methods