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Research on the influencing factors and mechanisms of adolescent physical health from the perspective of collaborative theory

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2023.039


Li Kexin

Corresponding Author

Li Kexin


In the past thirty years, the physical health of young people in China has been continuously declining, which has become a key issue of national concern. The physical health of young people has become an urgent issue to be solved in China's physical fitness education under the new era background. Therefore, this study takes the synergy theory as the research perspective to analyze the interrelationships between various influencing factors of students' physical health system. The research results show that good family physical activity factors have a dynamic coordinating effect on the physical fitness of adolescents, and the physical health system plays a leading role. The main manifestation is that the physical activity ability of adolescents in the early stages directly affects the participation of their later motor and physical activity systems. The dynamic changes that occur between the two are the result of the interaction between other important variables in the physical health system, such as exercise ability, physical fitness, and body shape.


Collaborative theory; Physical health; influence factor