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Research on Improving China's Ability to Participate in Global Vocational Education Governance Based on “Luban Workshop”

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2023.037


Lin Huo, Wenbin Du

Corresponding Author

Lin Huo


VE(Vocational Education) is closely related to economic development, and its role in national development and social progress has been paid more and more attention. "Luban Workshop" and "B&R" (The Belt and Road) have the same mission, that is, to promote international communication and cooperation and expand economic openness. The construction of "Luban Workshop" adheres to the spirit of equal cooperation, adapting to local conditions, mutual learning and win-win, openness and tolerance, and adheres to the principle of joint research, co-construction, sharing, common and win-win. Under the unified standard framework, it fully considers the requirements of partners and the political, economic and cultural characteristics of different countries, and has national characteristics. This paper analyzes the mechanism of China's participation in global VE governance based on "Luban Workshop" and finds that the mechanism based on "Luban Workshop" can effectively enhance China's ability to participate in global VE governance. As the "Confucius Institute" of VE in China, the future development of "Luban Workshop" will continuously expand its scale, enrich its connotation, construct various development models, and ensure its sustainable development through comprehensive reform.


“Luban Workshop”; Vocational Education; Global Vocational Education Governance