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Innovation of College English Teaching Mode under the Background of "New Liberal Arts"

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2023.036


Tong He

Corresponding Author

Tong He


CET(College English teaching) under the background of "new liberal arts" is not simply the overlapping of subject knowledge, but the organic integration of subject knowledge, so that language teaching can serve students' professional ability. Under the background of "new liberal arts", CET should change the previous teaching methods based on tools and practice, and make CET an indispensable part in the era of globalization. In the traditional CET, "tools" and "humanities" are not organically combined, which leads to the contradiction between "tools" and "humanities" in CET. Teachers and students often explain words and phrases and use them in exams, which ignores the cultivation of students' language application ability and the humanity as an important position for educating students. This paper discusses the innovation of CET mode from the perspectives of "new liberal arts" construction, innovation of teaching concept, curriculum setting, innovation of teaching methods and innovation of teaching assessment.


New Liberal Arts; College English; English Teaching; Innovation