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Exploration on the Path of Environmental Art Design from the Perspective of School-enterprise Cooperation

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2023.029


Lin Zhu

Corresponding Author

Lin Zhu


Environmental art education has been promoted to a high position, and environmental art design specialty has also received more and more attention, and the demand for talents is increasing day by day. Therefore, blind opening and enrollment expansion, incomplete curriculum system and low teaching quality have caused such a social problem that the quality of students' employment is not high. Students do not have a certain understanding of the future employment direction, and they do not have enough ability to master the actual work, which may easily lead to employment difficulties. In the process of enterprise cooperation, it is difficult for schools to obtain direct value. Enterprises have obvious advantages in resources and manpower, and schools are at a disadvantage in school-enterprise cooperation, which makes enterprises lack deeper cooperation motivation. Therefore, the education of environmental art design must be improved and improved. Therefore, this paper attempts to explore the path of environmental art design from the perspective of school-enterprise cooperation. The corresponding improvement suggestions are put forward, aiming at educating talents and strengthening the cooperation between schools and enterprises, which can cultivate the required design talents and management talents for enterprises and promote the win-win situation between enterprises and schools.


School enterprise cooperation; Environmental art design; Path