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Integrated Analysis of Prefabricated Vegetables and Logistics Supply Chain

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2023.023


Xia Yongzhen

Corresponding Author

Xia Yongzhen


With the progress and development of technology, automation technology is constantly infiltrating people's lives, and the food industry is undergoing industrial transformation. However, it is the existence of pre made dishes that allows households to taste the delicious food of restaurants without leaving their homes during the epidemic. With the development of logistics and supply chain, the transportation speed of logistics has undergone rapid changes. If prefabricated dishes are combined with the supply chain to achieve efficient transportation of prefabricated dishes and rebuild the image of prefabricated dishes, it will definitely open up another clever path for prefabricated dishes to open up the catering market.


logistics and supply chain, prefabricated dishes, catering market