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Optimal Asset Management and Market Financial Investment Strategy Analysis Based on Economics Thinking

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2023.022


Zijun Teng

Corresponding Author

Zijun Teng


With globalization and financial innovation development, the asset management business is facing new challenges and opportunities. People use economic thinking to guide optimal asset management and market financial investment. This paper makes a theoretical analysis of optimal asset management and market financial investment strategy from four aspects of economic thinking, including the concept, value, foundation, and key technology. In addition, the researchers use empirical methods to verify and evaluate it. The view of this paper is that economic thinking can help asset managers grasp the laws of the market, analyze risks and benefits, formulate a reasonable portfolio, and achieve the preservation and appreciation of assets. At the same time, economic thinking can promote the innovation and optimization of market financial investment strategies and improve investment efficiency and yield. Finally, it points out the synergistic effect of economic thinking in optimal asset management, market financial investment strategy, and future research direction.


Economic thinking; Optimal asset management; Market financial investment strategy; Synergistic effect