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Exploration of database security audit protection system in Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2023.020


Rao Yan, Zheng Yuan

Corresponding Author

Zheng Yuan


With the introduction of network security law, data security law, personal information protection law and other network information security laws and regulations one after another, the importance of national data security protection has been brought to a new height. As a key infrastructure for storing and managing core data in various information systems of universities, database monitoring and auditing as well as security protection are particularly important as it keeps important and sensitive data assets. This paper takes database security audit as an entry point to discuss the difficulties encountered by universities in the process of planning and construction of database security protection system and its ideas to cope with them, and further improve the data security protection system of universities by taking measures such as real-time database security audit and risk control on the basis of guaranteeing the continuity and availability of information system services.


Data security; database; security audit