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Study on the Coordinated Development Path of Cross-border E-commerce and Cross-border Logistics in Guangzhou

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2023.015


Yan Wang

Corresponding Author

Yan Wang


With the vigorous development of the cross-border e-commerce(CBEC) industry, it is urgent to build a high-level, high-tier open regional economy and industrial system. Carrying out collaborative innovation of cross-border industrial clusters is an important means to improve the status of the regional CBEC industry in the global value chain and an important way for regional industrial value chains to participate in international market competition. This paper takes the Guangzhou industrial cluster under the perspective of CBEC as the research object, analyzes the current situation, shortcomings, and weaknesses of the industrial cluster development, proposes the path for CBEC to upgrade the industrial clusters, and proposes countermeasures for collaborative innovation of industrial clusters.


Cross-border E-commerce; Cross-border Logistics; Foreign Trade; New Development Pattern