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Research on Liang Shuming's Philosophy of Life

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2023.013


Qiuye Fu

Corresponding Author

Qiuye Fu


This study aims to explore the philosophical thoughts on life by the renowned Chinese scholar, Liang Shuming. Liang Shuming was an influential figure in the intellectual realm of 20th-century China. His thoughts span various aspects including views on life, values, interpersonal relations, education, and religion. By delving deep into his ideas, we can gain insights into his unique perspectives on the meaning of life, moral cultivation, social responsibilities, and personal growth. This research will collate works and related literature by Liang Shuming, analyze his viewpoints, and explore the implications and value his thoughts bring to modern society.


Liang Shuming; Life; Philosophical thoughts; Research analysis