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The Research on the Path to Enhancing the Well-being Index of University Teachers through Leisure Activities

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2023.002


Liping Hong, Xinwei Su

Corresponding Author

Liping Hong


With the rapid development of education in China and the continuous expansion of higher education, university teachers bear the significant responsibility of nurturing talents for the nation and making scientific contributions to the country. The well-being index influenced by their leisure activities has become an important indicator for assessing teachers' professional achievements. Therefore, this paper presents an empirical study on the well-being index of teachers in a vocational college in Fujian province. It focuses on the objective testing and statistical analysis of the well-being index related to leisure activities among teachers in this institution. SPSS data analysis software is utilized to calculate specific data regarding the well-being index of teachers at Liming Vocational University in Fujian province. The data sample includes factors such as gender, education level, professional title, workplace, and income to analyze the influence of teachers' personal background and lifestyle habits on their well-being index. The study comprehensively examines the formation and development process of the well-being index from four dimensions: leisure motivation, leisure involvement, work engagement, and life satisfaction. It further analyzes the factors influencing the well-being index of university teachers' leisure activities and evaluates the overall level of well-being index among them. The study aims to explore effective approaches through leisure activities to enhance the well-being index of university teachers.


university teachers; leisure activities; well-being index; leisure involvement