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Research on the Reform of Credit-based Teaching Mode for International Trade Practice Course Based on Industry-Academia Cooperation

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DOI: 10.25236/icfmhss.2023.001


Fuhong Guo

Corresponding Author

Fuhong Guo


Strengthening the cooperation between universities and enterprises, deepening the integration of industry and academia, enhancing students' practical abilities, and achieving the goals of talent development in higher education, our university has explored and practiced innovative credit-based teaching models for cross-school study of the international trade practice course under the background of industry-academia cooperation. This paper analyzes the key issues in the teaching of the international trade practice course in the context of industry-academia cooperation and proposes suggestions and countermeasures from two aspects: pre-teaching preparation and online/offline teaching in the credit-based teaching mode for cross-school study. The key issues in the teaching of international trade practice under industry-academia cooperation include: insufficient value orientation in teaching content, the need for improvement in practical teaching conditions and internship bases, inadequate interaction between teachers and students as well as among students, insufficient practical teaching in course design, and a single and result-oriented assessment method neglecting the process. This paper proposes solutions such as optimizing talent development goals, restructuring course content, building online/offline platform resources, co-establishing training bases with enterprises, reforming teaching models and methods, and reforming the assessment mode of the course.


Industry-academia collaboration, International Trade Practice, cross-school credit, teaching model innovation