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Application of Computer Network Information Resources in Physical Education

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DOI: 10.25236/iceeecs.2018.042


Sun Bin,Zong Yan,Zhao Zhiming

Corresponding Author

Sun Bin


With the rapid development of modern information technology, Internet technology has been widely used throughout the country. All industries reform and innovative working methods relying on computer network, and the education industry is no exception. In the face of the age of information and networking, physical education should actively use the digital resources of computer networks to constantly innovate educational concepts, and cultivate sports professionals who are suitable for the development of the new era. Reforming physical education teaching models and teaching methods from the application of computer network in physical education is to enhance students' ability to learn independently, and to build a digital physical scientific research information platform. Based on this, the paper first elaborates the meaning and characteristics of computer network information resources, and then analyzes the application of computer network information resources in physical education, hoping to have significance and reference value.


Physical education, computer, network information resources, application.