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Research on Reliability Evaluation and Maintenance Decision Technology of Subway Vehicles

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DOI: 10.25236/icceme.2023.038


Haichao Ma

Corresponding Author

Haichao Ma


In view of the difficulty in determining the fault law of subway parts and the problem of excessive maintenance in maintenance methods, the reliability of main subway vehicle systems is systematically analyzed by using fault tree analysis (FTA), fault mode, influence and harmfulness analysis (FMECA) according to the theoretical basis of reliability analysis and maintenance cycle optimization. The fault tree model of the main system of subway vehicles is established, the maintenance strategy and the maintenance plan of each component in the system are determined by logical decision, and the standardized reliability analysis method and maintenance strategy development procedure of subway vehicles are studied, which provides a basis for reliability evaluation and development of the reliability maintenance management system of subway vehicles.


Subway Vehicles, Reliability; Fault Tree Analysis, FMECA Analysis, Maintenance Management