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Study on Reliability Evaluation and Maintenance Decision-Making of Metro Vehicles

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DOI: 10.25236/icceme.2023.036


Haichao Ma

Corresponding Author

Haichao Ma


Aiming at the problems of traditional regular maintenance mode of subway vehicle maintenance: Based on the fault distribution theory, reliability theory and preventive maintenance theory, a preventive maintenance model based on fault correlation and a multilevel preventive maintenance model with key components as the core were established to develop a prototype system of group maintenance decision making considering occasional faults. According to method design, case analysis, comparative evaluation and test adjustment, the equipment maintenance strategy of low maintenance cost, high reliability and high availability is proposed in order to improve the effect of vehicle maintenance, realize the prediction of subway vehicle failure, and reduce the maintenance after failure.


Metro Vehicles, Preventive Maintenance, Multi-level Group Maintenance, Maintenance Decision-Making Prototype System