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Compression-aware and Hyperchaotic Dynamic Bit-level Image Encryption Algorithm

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DOI: 10.25236/icceme.2023.035


Cong Ma, Guodong Li

Corresponding Author

Cong Ma


To address the problems of low real-time transmission and limited accuracy of traditional encryption algorithms, a compression-aware combined with Rabinovich hyperchaotic encryption algorithm is proposed. Firstly, the plaintext image is DWT transformed to obtain the sparse basis matrix, which makes the encryption and compression simultaneously; secondly, the double-disorder mechanism of the bit plane is designed with the help of the improved hyperchaotic sequence, and the encryption engine function is introduced to perform the circular diffusion operation on the image; finally, the joint random Gaussian measurement matrix is used to compressively perceive the encrypted image sampled to form the ciphertext image. Simulation experiments show that the algorithm achieves 99.57% and 33.41% NPCR and UACI, with large key space and high sensitivity, and is able to resist exhaustive attacks with high security.


Bit-level Encryption, Compression-awareness, Rabinovich Hyperchaos, Ring Diffusion