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Current Status and Innovative Research on Fault Diagnosis and Maintenance Technology for New Energy Vehicles in the New Era

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DOI: 10.25236/icceme.2023.033


Yuan Weiming, Luo Qinzhong

Corresponding Author

Yuan Weiming


The power drive system of new energy vehicles has both practical and environmental value due to traditional energy vehicles. However, if it is well maintained during use, it is also prone to malfunctions, which can affect the practicality of new energy vehicles. This article studies the current status and innovation of fault diagnosis and maintenance technology for new energy vehicles. Based on the actual situation, faults can be divided into two types: mechanical and electrical faults. During the operation of a car, all components of the transmission will be in a state of high load and high-speed operation, leading to damage to internal components and transmission failure, which in turn poses a threat to the driving process. On the basis of ensuring insulation, standardized operations are carried out to ensure the safety of the entire testing process. At the same time, maintenance personnel can use a megohmmeter to measure the insulation of the high-voltage system inside the car, in order to ensure the absolute safety of the vehicle. Then, based on the experience and control principles of the staff, as well as measures such as a multimeter, the status of the battery is determined to maintain the normal operation of the components, ensure the value of the drive, and ensure the stability of the car's operation.


New energy vehicles; Fault diagnosis; Current status of maintenance technology; Innovate