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Research on Image Processing Technology Based on Computer Vision Algorithms

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DOI: 10.25236/icceme.2023.031


Panpan Wang

Corresponding Author

Panpan Wang


With the advent of the information age, computer vision algorithms have been widely applied in image processing technology, which can optimize and improve image processing effects by reflecting the three-dimensional spatial coordinates of objects through three-dimensional voxels. As a method of achieving this goal, computer vision algorithms can be seen as obtaining information from images or other data. Through the application of computer vision algorithms, people can not only achieve accurate recognition of images, but also draw three-dimensional models based on images, or predict and simulate images. Its application value is very high, and the current application fields of computer vision algorithms are also very wide. This article designs a computer vision display system. After obtaining the image, the system needs to first preprocess the image for clarity enhancement and contrast enhancement, and then segment the image according to the screw position. After obtaining the binary image, the specific position of the screw area is determined. In the entire system, the construction of the square requires a high resolution for imaging. Compared to previous imaging methods, the resolution of imaging in true 3D display systems is very high, with voxels reaching 30M.


Computers; Visual algorithms; Image processing techniques