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Mobility Analysis of Chinese Stock Market Filtered Network

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DOI: 10.25236/iceeecs.2018.041


Wang Penghao

Corresponding Author

Wang Penghao


The mobility of stock prices is greatly influenced by redundant information in the market and overall market trends. This paper uses the random matrix theory to filter the market factors, and the minimum spanning tree method to construct the filtered network of Chinese stock market, and compares the evolution of Chinese stock market structure in different periods from the perspective of mobility. It is found that the filtered network has different characteristics from the original network during the financial crisis and the Chinese stock market disaster. The mobility of weighted degree centrality is robust to market factors, and the closeness centrality is highly sensitive to the crisis and the stock market disaster. These centralities are very important for analyzing the structural changes of the Chinese stock market in special periods.


Random matrix theory, minimum spanning tree, complex network, mobility.