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Research on Strategy of Improving Intelligent Comprehensive Benefits of Distribution Network Based on Big Data

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DOI: 10.25236/icceme.2023.029


Weiliya Meng

Corresponding Author

Weiliya Meng


The business scale of intelligent DN(Distribution Network) is relatively large, and with the rapid development of intelligent DN, there is an important trend of centralized development of business parts in various industries. The function of DN is that the terminal power grid is directly connected with users to provide electricity, and its function is the most direct and key, so it is of great significance to be safe and reliable in the process of power supply. In this paper, firstly, an intelligent decision-making platform library for DN planning based on BD(Big Data) is constructed, and then an intelligent comprehensive benefit analysis model for DN based on BD is proposed. Deeply excavate the load data of distribution load, improve the access ability of DN, and effectively improve the statistical management level and statistical analysis ability of DN. The research results have achieved good social and economic benefits, which can provide reference for regional DN management.


Big Data; Comprehensive Benefits; Distribution Network