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Harm of Bad Hydrogeology and Preventive Measures

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DOI: 10.25236/icceme.2023.027


Guoqian Jing, Jinliang Zhang, Jiyuan Bao

Corresponding Author

Guoqian Jing


Hydrogeological investigation is one of the important components in geotechnical engineering investigation. Hydrogeological investigation is helpful to clearly understand the geological environment of the construction area. The construction environment of most projects is unstable. Mastering the corresponding geological environment can effectively avoid the risks in the construction process and ensure the safety and efficiency of construction. In the past, various engineering accidents caused by bad hydrogeological problems not only damaged people's interests, but also exposed many geotechnical engineering problems. Therefore, people need to fully understand the harm of adverse hydrogeological problems and take effective preventive measures to ensure the safety and stability of the project. This paper expounds the content and significance of hydrogeological investigation, and deeply analyzes the harm and preventive measures of bad hydrogeological problems, so as to provide reference for relevant people.


Hydrogeology; Harm; Engineering investigation; Preventive