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Energy Management Optimization Strategy Based on Smart Grid Energy Storage System

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DOI: 10.25236/icceme.2023.026


Zihui Hong, Yuwei Yao, Yu Niu

Corresponding Author

Zihui Hong


With the rapid development of technologies such as distributed generation, demand response, energy storage, power electronics, and charging vehicles, smart grids will integrate power flow, information flow, and business flow, possessing high safety, efficiency, strong reliability, strong self-healing ability, and strong robustness. The demand for electricity in various regions is constantly increasing, and power grid regulation work is becoming increasingly important. Automation and intelligent technologies have been widely applied in power grid regulation. The smart grid has an impact on information and communication technology (ICT), which can automatically aggregate and operate instrument data, thereby improving availability, robustness, economic efficiency, and sustainability. As an extension of the smart grid on the household user side, the home energy management system is an indispensable part of optimizing the electricity scheduling of the home microgrid. The home energy management system is based on the smart grid and integrates the management of all household power equipment, which helps to improve the utilization rate of clean energy and help users save electricity bills; It can also optimize the configuration of household loads and improve the stability of the power grid. This article studies the optimization of energy management in smart grid energy storage systems.


Smart grid; Energy storage system; Energy management optimization