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Peak-type Markov Chain Modeling of the Noise in Voltage Power Line Communication Channel Based on Pulse-group

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DOI: 10.25236/icceme.2023.024


Haokun Guo

Corresponding Author

Haokun Guo


Noise interference is one of the main factors affecting the reliability of low-voltage power line communication. In response to the shortcomings of noise models studied by scholars both domestically and internationally in recent years, an improved model was developed for a class of noise with its own characteristics. A low voltage power line noise peak Markov chain model based on pulse swarm was established, and simulation verification was conducted. The simulation results show that as long as the amplitude, width, and interval states of the noise are sufficient, and the threshold settings for pulse group width and interval are reasonable, the reconstructed low-voltage power line communication channel noise from the model has a high degree of similarity and even basic consistency compared to the actual measured noise, providing a practical and feasible solution for future power line communication channel noise modeling problems.


Low-voltage power line communication, background noise, impulse noise, Markov model, peak-type Markov chain