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Improved Multi Ant Colony Algorithm for Evacuation of Intelligent Venues After Competitions

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DOI: 10.25236/icceme.2023.023


Liang Zhang

Corresponding Author

Liang Zhang


With the increase of urban population, the number of buildings is increasing, and the functions of venues are also increasing. Traditional buildings can no longer meet the needs of people's daily travel, life, work and other activities. In this case, the evacuation of intelligent sports venues after the competition is particularly important. This paper mainly focuses on the security problems of intelligent venues after competitions. This paper first analyzes the development status of relevant topics in this field at home and abroad and the actual situation in China, then studies the influencing factors, finally determines the weight value of each element by combining the literature method and the analytic hierarchy process, establishes the evaluation index system, and calculates the comprehensive score function and the prediction results. Test results show that the algorithm can quickly evacuate pedestrians to the evacuation destinations on both sides, and the model of the algorithm has better evacuation performance.


Post Competition Evacuation, Improved Multi Ant Colony Algorithm, Intelligent Venues, Venue Evacuation