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Application of Feature Extraction Algorithm in the Design of Interactive English-Chinese Translation System

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DOI: 10.25236/icceme.2023.022


Qingjuan Meng

Corresponding Author

Qingjuan Meng


In the English-Chinese translation system, the feature extraction algorithm is able to extract the feature semantics and optimal context, which leads to the improvement of translation accuracy. Although China has started to study the program development and architecture of translation systems, few results have been obtained and a perfect set of translation systems has not yet been formed. Feature extraction algorithm is a tool that can extract core information and serve as a mapping condition, which is more helpful to improve the quality of interactive English-Chinese translation. Therefore, this paper used a three-layer architecture to design the network architecture of the English-Chinese translation system, constructed a semantic mapping model, extracted semantic features of English-Chinese translated texts, clustered the graphical information of this feature and judged its attributes, so as to facilitate the implementation of the feature extraction algorithm part of the English-Chinese automatic machine-to-machine translation. Meanwhile, PLC bus technology and embedded program scheduling were used to design the software part of the translation system, including the output interface module for translation and conversion, cross-compilation module, IoT control protocol module and the underlying database module. In developing the English-Chinese automatic machine conversion translation system, the bus transfer automation control and the underlying adaptation development were used to better effect. Through line comparison experiments, the results showed that this system can obtain the optimal solution translation and has a high translation accuracy rate.


Automatic transfer; English-Chinese translation; Feature extraction algorithm