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Research Progress of Polymer-modified Repair Materials for Concrete Pavement

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DOI: 10.25236/icceme.2023.017


Chaoran Yang, Shuang Yao, Hang Yu, Chenggong Xiong, Liang Zhao

Corresponding Author

Shuang Yao


The damage to cement concrete pavement is becoming increasingly severe due to the continuous addition of Chinese highway mileage, rapid traffic flow increase, and growing harm to public travel. The acreages of highway pavement that need to be repaired has increased sharply. The phenomenon that repairing pavement repeatedly be damaged is common. It results in a huge waste of resources. This paper mainly introduces the current research about repairing materials, polymer-modified cement-based materials. The inter facial bonding properties between repairable materials and existing concrete is also an important point. There are several reasons leading to concrete-repairing failure. Concrete pavement’s repairable inter face is low. The evolution about the transition zone of micro-structure in the complex environment will affect the mechanical properties. It will cause the failure of concrete-repairing. To solve these problems, this paper puts forward a method to improve the Ordinary Portland Cement-Sulphate Aluminum Cement (OPC-SAC) repairable materials by adding polymers. It provides a feasible method for improving the safety of roads and lengthening highway life-span.


Polymer-modified concrete, Pavement repair materials, Research progress