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Research on Image Edge Mode Recognition Technology Based on the Wavelet Threshold De-Noise Algorithm

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DOI: 10.25236/icceme.2023.015


Feifei Wang, Xiangyu Zhang

Corresponding Author

Feifei Wang


In the process of industrial production, industrial production materials often break, and this break is not easy to be found by the machine; therefore, a specific image edge recognition algorithm needs to be developed to help industrial production and image recognition. Based on the above foundation, this article starts from the traditional image edge recognition mode technology; based on the traditional algorithm, the wavelet threshold is added; therefore, the miscellaneous signal waves introduced in the image recognition process can be effectively removed, improve the accuracy of image edge mode recognition technology, it greatly improves the edge recognition efficiency of image production in the process of industrial production. The image recognition proposed in this article can effectively enhance the accuracy of image recognition and greatly reduce the number of training samples that need to be introduced, which is of great significance for industrialization applications.


Salvation threshold deserter; image edge; pattern recognition