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Clinical Application of Fine Needle Puncture with Medical Big Data in Diagnosis of Bone Tumors

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DOI: 10.25236/icceme.2023.007


Li Xingmei, Che Liqun, Yao Hongbo, Pang Chi, Afreen Banu

Corresponding Author

Afreen Banu


Judging from the current development trend, big data technology has penetrated into every link of medical and health management such as diagnosis, medical treatment, drug research and development, health management, etc., and has become an important technical force and management means to support the entire medical and health industry. How to build a big data platform for clinical testing and carry out research on big data mining technology to help the diagnosis and treatment of diseases has gradually become a valuable research direction. By analyzing the data, we can get information that can't be obtained by sampling data. For the current knowledge sample set with massive data and unstable data base, artificial intelligence needs a lot of human knowledge to ensure the effectiveness of its learning knowledge. This paper introduces the related concepts of precision medicine, and analyzes the fine needle puncture diagnosis and treatment strategy of bone tumors in the era of big data and precision medicine, so as to realize real-time and dynamic personalized diagnosis and treatment plan generation and implementation, thus improving the quality and effect of medical services, reducing the cost of medical services and ensuring the safety of medical services.


Medical big data; Bone tumor; Precision