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Study on Construction Technology of Subgrade and Pavement in Settlement Section of Tourist Highway in Taihang Mountains

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DOI: 10.25236/icceme.2023.006


Hongbo Zhou

Corresponding Author

Hongbo Zhou


In the context of rural revitalization, the development of tourism throughout China has been paid attention to, tourism is also an important way to develop rural revitalization, with greater economic value. Therefore, our country pays more attention to the construction of tourist highway, which plays a great role in promoting the development of road infrastructure in rural areas. Because of our country,s vast territory, numerous provinces, complex geographical features and surface environment, therefore, in the highway construction, we need to combine with the actual situation, to overcome the settlement section roadbed and pavement construction technical problems, based on the analysis of the geographical features of Taihang Mountains and the complicated surface roadbed, the feasible countermeasures and solutions are put forward according to the highway construction horizon and the actual situation.


Taihang mountains, Tourist highway, Construction, Settlement, Subgrade and pavement