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Simulation of Conflict Free Coordination and Automatic Joint Control Method for Cluster Robots

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DOI: 10.25236/icceme.2023.002


Hua Li, Guo Li

Corresponding Author

Hua Li


According to the task requirements and system characteristics, the state variables are reasonably selected to construct the state space of the system, and the physical constraints inherent in the system, obstacles imposed from the outside and task constraints are mapped into unreachable areas in the state space, then the reachable areas indicate the range of the robot system's ability to complete tasks. The original manual complex processes will be replaced by robot assembly lines one after another, which poses new challenges to robot technology, especially the coordinated motion system of cluster robots for complex movements. As one of the important means for robots to perceive information, vision technology not only enhances the robot's ability to adapt to and recognize the environment, but also improves its working efficiency. However, as an important branch of the robot field, industrial robots are still faced with the problem of how to develop appropriate vision technology to solve its intelligence and informatization. In this article, the conflict-free coordinated automatic joint control method of cluster robot is studied, and the coordinated planning and control strategy of cluster robot system is discussed.


Cluster robot; Automatic joint control; Control policy