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Research on Optimization of Efficient Computing Unloading Algorithm in Moving Edge Computing

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2023.036


Yali Zhu, Dongju Cao, Yang Li

Corresponding Author

Yali Zhu


With the continuous growth of mobile communication technology, mobile terminal services have brought great convenience to people's lives. Moreover, new demands emerge one after another, which brings many new challenges to mobile computing technology. The traditional central cloud is usually far away from users, so the transmission delay of tasks is long. Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) offloading is the key technology of MEC, whose main function is to migrate the intensive computing tasks of mobile devices to the edge server for execution, so as to achieve low-energy and low-latency services. However, the transmission delay and energy consumption generated during the offloading of computing tasks reduce the quality of users' experience. In this article, a joint optimization strategy of computing unloading and resource allocation based on game theory is proposed to solve the problem of high latency caused by mobile terminals with insufficient computing power in MEC network when dealing with low latency and high reliability applications.


Mobile edge computing; Unloading algorithm; Transmission delay