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Research on Space Transformation and Regeneration Design of Old Industrial Buildings

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2023.033


Guiliang Liu, Cui’e Gao, Yongling Jin

Corresponding Author

Guiliang Liu


As the stock building of the city, the old industrial building has retained the traces of the industrial era and the memory of the city, so it has become the rational choice object of the sustainable utilization of contemporary urban renewal resources. It can be effectively protected and reused by giving it new functions. Whether this type of building is demolished, rebuilt, or renovated for reuse has become a focus of social attention. With the gradual development of urbanization, factories have been suspended and a large number of old buildings have been abandoned. This not only occupies land area, but also has a huge impact on the construction of urban modernization. The rational use of urban industrial building remnants has become the latest topic in urban construction. The old industrial buildings scattered in various corners of the city not only carry people's nostalgia, but also seriously affect the environment and development of modern cities. While renovating old buildings, perfectly interpreting the regeneration of texture will make the old buildings more interesting than those magnificent commercial spaces. This article summarizes the current situation of old industrial buildings and proposes strategic analysis on how to renovate and regenerate the space.


Old industrial buildings; Space renovation; Regenerative design