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Simulation of Automatic Wheel Speed Control Method for High Speed Wheeled Mobile Robot

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2023.032


Hua Li, Guo Li

Corresponding Author

Hua Li


Trajectory tracking of mobile robot refers to tracking a pre-planned curve trajectory as a function of time, which is a very complicated problem in motion control. Mobile robot is a kind of robot that can move and work autonomously or semi-autonomously with certain intelligence. It can complete the tasks planned by people in advance in the specified workplace. The traditional control scheme requires high accuracy of dynamic modeling of mobile robot, and is affected by the unstable ground adhesion. Smooth approximation and convergence speed are two important factors for trajectory tracking. In order to solve the plane motion control problem of wheeled mobile robot, the plane geometry theory is applied to trajectory tracking control. In this paper, based on the control law of high-speed wheeled mobile robot, aiming at the nonlinear and strong coupling characteristics of its control system model, an automatic control method of wheel speed of high-speed wheeled mobile robot based on adaptive control algorithm is proposed to realize the trajectory tracking and motion control of the robot.


Wheeled mobile machine; Automatic wheel speed control; Trajectory tracking