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The Application of Virtual Machine Technology in Computer Network Security Teaching in Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2023.030


Jianhua Shan

Corresponding Author

Jianhua Shan


The complexity of the online teaching environment and the limitations of computer hardware conditions have brought many difficulties to the teaching of computer network courses for teachers. Applying virtual machine technology to computer network course teaching can effectively promote teaching and improve teaching quality. The emergence of virtual machine technology and its powerful virtual functions can build various complex experimental and training platforms. For example, in a virtual machine, you can freely add or remove computer hardware devices, format disks, and install multiple operating systems. This article applies virtual machine technology to computer network security teaching in universities. During the teaching process, examples can be directly demonstrated on multimedia computers to deepen students' understanding. By using a virtual network environment, the actual network situation can be truly simulated, while also reducing the demand for experimental equipment resources for students, without considering the impact of network devices and their connection issues on the effectiveness of the experiment. So that every student can learn theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice in the virtual network environment, freely change software and hardware configurations, and receive better teaching results.


Virtual machine technology; Universities; Computer Network Security Teaching