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Research Progress of Conductive Hydrogel Materials and Their Biomedical Applications

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2023.029


Wu Hongyu, Zeng Xiangdong

Corresponding Author

Wu Hongyu


Hydrogel is a new functional polymer material, which has hydrophilic groups, can be swollen by water but is insoluble in water and has a three-dimensional network structure. Hydrogels have been widely used in the past decades because of their inherent characteristics, such as dynamics and versatility. Conductive adhesive has the advantages of no environmental pollution, fine pitch and ultra-fine pitch interconnection, low cost, good environmental compatibility, low bonding temperature, high resolution and simple use steps. Conductive hydrogel organically combines hydrophilic matrix and conductive medium, which is a new type of composite hydrogel with good processability, high flexibility and excellent electrochemical performance. In the biomedical field, the surface of hydrogel is not easy to adhere to cells and protein, so it shows good biological description when it comes into contact with human tissues. In this paper, the research frontier and trends of conductive hydrogel are introduced, and its application in biomedicine is discussed, which provides new research ideas for the construction and design of conductive hydrogel functional electronic materials.


Conductive hydrogel; Biomedicine; Electrochemical performance