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Research on the Influence of Wireless Transmission Technology on the Development of Digital Broadcasting and Television in the 5G Era

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2023.027


Min Yang, Jiajie Zhang

Corresponding Author

Min Yang


At present, the research and development of China's 5G technology has completed the first and second stages of experiments, and entered the stage of innovation and commercial deployment, which is expected to realize industrial production and application. The application of 5G mobile communication means that the transmission speed of network information will be greatly improved as a whole, and the audio and video content will also be greatly increased, which will inevitably bring a huge impact on the traditional radio and television industry. 5G technology can realize a large number of audio and video programs to be watched anytime and anywhere. If it is applied to traditional radio and television, then radio and television will also achieve high speed, strong timeliness and no geographical restrictions. Therefore, news from a local perspective in the 5G era will still have a full audience. With the support of wireless transmission technology in the 5G era, this paper can load and spread a large number of audio resources and video resources, and establish an information network communication architecture. In the process of development, other high-tech frontier technologies are continuously integrated, which makes the wireless transmission technology usher in a brand-new development opportunity and lays a technical foundation for faster and more efficient development in the later period.


5G; Wireless transmission technology; Digital broadcasting; Television development