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Research on Modeling of Virtual Simulation System for Digital Factory

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2023.026


Wenming Xia, Lingyi Zhang, Yuyan Zeng

Corresponding Author

Wenming Xia


Digital factory system platform is a virtual production line simulation environment based on the concept of digital factory and using computer technology, VR technology, network technology and other related technologies. The software platform based on simulation technology, because of the visualization of its process and results, enables users to understand intuitively. According to different requirements, the software required by digital factories is also different. On the basis of analyzing the structural characteristics and operation mode of the manufacturing system, combining the object-oriented design method with the virtual simulation technology, the modeling mechanism and implementation method of 3D visual graphic simulation oriented to the manufacturing process are proposed. This system realizes roaming, monitoring, real-time state simulation and scene setting.


Digital factory; Virtual simulation; 3D modeling