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Research and Implementation of Reversible Information Hiding Technology for Gray Image Based on Wavelet Transform

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2023.021


Shaomin Xie, Tingping Fan, Jing Huang

Corresponding Author

Shaomin Xie


For a gray image, it is not difficult to modify the values of some pixels purposefully with the guidance of a certain strategy to hide a certain amount of information. Information hiding technology shifts the focus of information security from simply encrypting secret information to how to make the embedding of secret information imperceptible. The standardization of information security is relatively backward, high-end talents and their plaques are scarce, while the competition among low-end talents is fierce, and the task of Internet security management is extremely arduous. In this paper, the reversible information hiding technology of gray image is studied based on wavelet transform, and it is verified by experiments that the wavelet transform proposed in this paper uses these characteristics to obtain higher visual quality and peak signal-to-noise ratio of watermark image. In order to achieve this goal, the embedding process always chooses to embed data in the subband of the first-stage integer wavelet transform. This not only makes illegal attackers spend energy to get all the contents needed to recover confidential information, but also makes the owners of confidential information contain each other and improve the confidentiality of information.


Wavelet transform; Gray image; Reversible information; Hiding technology