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Study on Coordinated Development Planning of River Cultural Heritage Restoration and Landscape Ecology in Liao-shen Area

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2023.019


Zhen Tian

Corresponding Author

Zhen Tian


Rivers are the longest living belts between land and sea, and their bodies of water are mobile and have their own ecosystems, which maintain the circulation of organic matter and the conservation of energy on Earth, has the extremely vital function in the earth civilization history. With the frequent human activities and the high level development of society, the ecological nature of rivers has been eroded and threatened. The revival of the cultural heritage of rivers and the restoration and protection of their ecological landscape have become the inevitable requirements of social development, it is also an important manifestation of sustainable development. Based on the study of the relationship between the concept of river natural life and river cultural life and the protection of river ecological landscape, the landscape design strategy of river ecological protection and restoration in Liaoshen area is obtained.


River culture,landscape ecology, coordinated development