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Research on Computer Network System Integration Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2023.017


Shengqiang Hu, Limin Zhang

Corresponding Author

Shengqiang Hu


In the era of information society, computer network system integration technology has developed rapidly, has a very wide range of applications, and plays an important role in different fields. With the deepening development of the Internet, the national economy has achieved comprehensive development based on computer network systems. With the globalization of the internet, computer technology has been widely applied in various fields. The popularization and promotion of network technology marks that we have entered the era of informatization. Computers not only promote the production and convenience of people's lives, but also enable many enterprises to further develop. Computer network system integration technology is an advanced scientific and technological development based on the Internet and computer technology. By integrating computer network systems, effective integration of computer hardware devices and transmission media can be achieved, thereby providing great convenience for people's production and life in today's society. Integration technology, as one of the key technologies in computer network systems, has achieved the organic integration of computer hardware and software, meeting the needs of current social development. This article starts with the analysis of integration technology in computer networks and discusses the application of integration technology in computer network systems.


Computer; Network system; Integration environment