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Research and Application of Trajectory Tracking Control System of Mobile Manipulator Based on Fuzzy Active Disturbance Rejection Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2023.015


Guozhu Li

Corresponding Author

Guozhu Li


Trajectory tracking control is the basis and core of mobile manipulator control, and good tracking performance plays a very important role in completing other control tasks of mobile manipulator. Some tasks need to control not only the end of the mobile manipulator to track a given trajectory, but also its joints to track a given trajectory. In this paper, the research and application of trajectory tracking control system of manipulator based on ADRC (Active disturbance rejection controller) technology are carried out. Fuzzy active disturbance rejection control technology is used to estimate and compensate the system disturbance in real time, so as to eliminate the influence of uncertain factors on the system output and improve the trajectory tracking accuracy. The research results show that the trajectory tracking performance and robustness of the system are better when the controller designed in this paper is used for control. The estimation of disturbance and modeling error is faster and smaller. Therefore, it has practical significance for engineering application.


Active disturbance rejection; Mobile manipulator; Trajectory tracking control; Fuzzy control