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Diagnostic Decision of Tourism Ecological Security Disorder Factors Using DPSIR Model and the Improved TOPSIS Method Based on Data-Driven Decision-Making Models

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2023.006


Changqi Liu, Huan Xu

Corresponding Author

Huan Xu


Data-driven decision models are increasingly applied to development decisions in various industries. At present, the imbalance and inadequacy between high-quality development of tourism and ecological environment protection is increasingly prominent. Therefore, it is particularly important to diagnose the obstacles of tourism ecological security and make the research on tourism ecological security to alleviate the contradiction between tourism industry and ecological environment. In order to construct the data-driven decision-making model of tourism ecological security barriers, this paper adopts the DPSIR model and data-driven TOPSIS model, adopts the Jiangsu province as an example, evaluates the improved TOPSIS mathematical method to realize the diagnostic decision of tourism ecological security barriers, and improves the research method of ecological security of tourism economy. The results show that the tourism space index P3, the growth rate of the number of tourists D6, the population density P2, the tourism traffic pressure P1 and other indicators of the obstacles to the ecological security of the tourism economy in each city are generally ranked first, showing certain spatial heterogeneity.


DPSIR model, Regional economy policy, Ecological security, Tourism