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Study on International Marketing Copy of Sichuan Cuisine in the Era of Cross-border E-commerce

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2023.071


Yi Xinyi, Wang Jiayan, Liu Lujie, Lu Hu

Corresponding Author

Lu Hu


In the era of cross-border e-commerce, the marketing methods and ways of the cuisine industry has changed dramatically along with the trend of social development. The communication of Sichuan cuisine culture has to gradually transformed from the traditional one-way communication mode to bidirectional and multi-directional communication relying on the new media platform. Meanwhile, under the influence of the epidemic in recent years, physical store marketing is limited, and consumers are more inclined to online shopping. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze and explore ways to effectively improve and innovate the development direction, writing methods and ideas of English international marketing copywriting under the information age. This paper analyzes the problems existing in the international marketing copywriting of Sichuan cuisine in the era of cross-border e-commerce, and provides improvement strategies. After analysis, this paper concludes that the existing problems of Sichuan cuisine industry marketing are low accuracy and standardization of copywriting, lack of copywriting publicity for food brands, and lack of innovation in the content of copywriting. At the same time, this paper also provides specific innovative marketing methods for Sichuan cuisine sellers.


Cross-border e-commerce, Sichuan food, international marketing, copywriting