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The Infiltration and Integration of Communicative English Teaching Mode in College English Education

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2023.069


Furong Yi, Yan Guo

Corresponding Author

Furong Yi


With the increasing growth of China's socio-economic and scientific technology, the requirement for high-quality talents in China has significantly increased. As an important way to cultivate high-quality talents, universities should shoulder the responsibility of preparing high-quality talents for the country's social growth. The purpose of English teaching in universities is not simply to help students master grammar and vocabulary, but rather to cultivate their language application and practical communication skills. English proficiency, as an important criterion for assessing high-quality talents in the new era, has received widespread attention and attention from the education community. The communicative English teaching method is highly compatible with the teaching of English courses in universities and is the best choice for cultivating English proficiency among university students. Among various English teaching methods, communicative teaching method has practicality and richness, and is therefore favored by a large number of teachers and students. This teaching method deepens students' emotional communication and can organically integrate real-life situations by creating diverse teaching contexts. This article mainly analyzes the advantages of communicative English teaching and the challenges it faces in college English teaching, and finally explores relevant teaching strategies.


Communicative english, College english education, Teaching model