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Opportunities and Challenges for the Adaptable Transformation of Legal Education in Universities in the New Media Era

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2023.068


Hongtu Cai

Corresponding Author

Hongtu Cai


The arrival of the new media era has led to changes in multiple industries and injected new vitality into the way education work in China. In the era of new media, opportunities and challenges coexist for the adaptive transformation of legal education. It will make the teaching effect of law teachers more ideal, greatly improve the learning efficiency of law students, and increasingly improve the quality of legal education. The employment situation of law students is steadily improving. The legal education of the times is facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities, and legal education will develop towards new media in the direction of intelligence, diversification, and popularization. The legal education major has undergone significant changes in the current industrial revolution. In the education process of most legal majors, teachers have begun to pay attention to the importance of legal quality education and explore practical education models. Legal education must fully attach importance to the influence and application of new media, and promote the innovative development of legal education by maximizing the role and value of new media. This article analyzes the practical value of legal education reform in universities in the new media era based on the opportunities and challenges of legal education reform in universities, and puts forward suggestions.


New media, University legal, Education reform